Free Cremation Program

Free Cremation Services for Qualified Donors

Making the decision to donate your body to science enables you to leave a legacy of helping further medical science and eliminates cremation expenses for the family. At the time of death, the donation organization will determine if your loved one is a qualified donor under their specific program requirements. If your loved one meets the donation criteria, the organization will pay the basic cremation service as well as transporting your loved one to the donation facility.

Coordinating through Aden Funeral Home will ensure your donation process is handled with dignity and that your family has a reliable, licensed funeral establishment coordinating on their behalf.

Accredited donation organization, our preferred partner for donations in Florida, is United Tissue Network. The United Tissue Network whole body donor program links those that wish to leave a legacy through medical research with the researchers and educators that need human tissue to do their important work.

Aden Funeral Home assists with the coordination of anatomical donations which are gifts of tissues for medical research and education. At the time of death, the body of the deceased is prepared by our staff and forwarded to the anatomical company for tissue donation.

United Tissue Network places donated organs and tissues with reputable academic, corporate, and government research and education institutions. Donated remains are used in numerous ways including research on cancer, diabetes, arthritis and many more. It allows doctors and medical students to research new life-saving medical and surgical procedures and techniques.

Upon completion of their work, the body of the deceased is cremated at a licensed crematory. The family may choose to have the remains returned to them or scattered during a memorial ceremony provided by the company.

Our services and that of the anatomical company are free to the family. Please note that to offer our services at no cost, the anatomical company must accept the donor’s body. In the event that the donor’s body is not accepted, the family of the deceased must be willing to complete the arrangements and pay for our signature cremation plan which is $742.00.

Please contact our office regarding any conditions that must be met to qualify for this plan.

About UTN

Our Mission

To empower people who want to make a difference through whole-body donation by uniting them with professionals dedicated to the advancement of medical technology, training and education.

Our Vision

To overcome the worldwide tissue shortage, one donor at a time.

Our Values

  • Empathy, Integrity and Passion
  • Accountability, Innovation and Quality
  • Accessible, Safe and Secure

Make a Difference

Choosing whole-body donation is a pledge to support the continued advancement of medical technology to help those of tomorrow.

Directly Benefiting Lives

By joining the network, one donation supports patient outcomes which enhances everyday lives. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Quicker patient recovery time
  • Minimal scarring
  • Heightening range in motion
  • Added longevity for implanted devices
  • Less time needed for physical therapy

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